Monday, February 10, 2014

Good and Bad Breeders

1.     They will breed just a few litters annually.
2.      They breed a female at most once a year.
3.     They breed just one or two breeds.
4.      They inquire you numerous queries with regards to your way of life and objectives of the dog
5.     These people desire to meet up with your current dog or learn about her in advance.
6.     They need you to approve a spay/neuter agreement if purchasing a “pet excellent” puppy.
7.     They want the puppy back again should you be unable to maintain her any longer for any explanation. 
8.     They inform you they are going to take the puppy back again if he builds up any health concerns. (That is not a guarantee the breeder creates rather than genetic examining of the parents—this indicates she will get back a puppy if it produces a critical health condition(s) in spite of great outcomes on the genetic assessments and her very best motives in the choices she manufactured in breeding.)

1.      Introduces puppies outside in a kennel or garage rather than mingling them inside.
2.      Makes minimum effort to expose puppies to a wide selection of stimuli.
3.      Generates in excess of 3 litters per year.
4.     Raises greater than 2 breeds of dogs.
5.      Breeds to a single or other size excessive (not appealing)—boasts that the huge dog is a “behemoth” or a tiny one is a “teacup.”
6.      Permits puppies to abandon the litter just before seven to eight weeks old NOTE: In case you totally desire the puppy in spite of a breeder suggesting to take it early, offer him down payment and inquire him to maintain the pup with her loved ones for another 2 weeks. 
7.      Creates lame excuses for not carrying out genetic screening: states that “the assessments aren't trustworthy” (false); “the disease/defect is absolutely not confirmed to be transferred along in the family genes” (false); “puppies are too young to become authorized” (unimportant, because it’s the parents you would like to check in advance); “examining was carried out although not directed for official clearance” (why not—unless of course they worry the outcomes?).
8.      Pressures you to make up your mind in regards to a puppy and purchase it immediately (pressure sales strategies for instance “3 other folks will be arriving later to check out her” ought to be preserved for automobile sales!)

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